Our Curriculum

  • Chinese and English immersion type bilingual teaching.

In the critical period of children's language development, the development of English and mother tongue synchronization.
PYP Subject Inquiry course under the standard
Let young children know themselves, explore time and space, understand the operation of the world, learn to express themselves, self-organization, establish the concept of sharing the Earth;
  • Chinese Traditional Culture Course

Become the background course of children's personality education, shape the child's good character, character, habit, etiquette, temperament and cultivation, cultivate the children's national sense of belonging;
  • Physical training and physical education specialty courses for young children

Based on young children, from the interests of children, according to the best period of early childhood physical training to design a series of children's physical training courses, to enhance children's own body fitness quotient, improve physical fitness and intelligence;
  • Don't shy away school

At present, it is the first kindergarten in changzhou to comprehensively introduce children's sex education courses, providing services for parents and children. Easy to understand, interesting and operable ” The content of children's sex education, for the children sound personality growth escort;
  • Day care for infants aged 0-3 years (Daycare)

Changzhou's first 0-6 integrated full-time early childhood education to introduce Hungarian PIKLER educational philosophy. The routine of the 0-3-year-old day care Center contains not only the scientific routine of life, but also the basic social behavior rules in children's communication and practical activities. Can let the child experience the sense of order and security;
  • A rich environment for growth

A human environment of safety, love, peace and respect; an indoor and outdoor inquiry environment around children's vision, listening, sniffing, taste, and touching five sensory cognitive developments; self-growth, inquiry into the world, respect for rules, empathy, creative growth environment;
  • Observation record of Chinese and foreign teachers ' growth

Each toddler's growth is tracked and observed, and the growth record of children in English and Chinese is formed, which is regularly fed back to parents, so that each toddler gets the greatest degree of personalized attention;
  • Healthy and safe growth environment

Perfect safety system, sound security system, 24-hour all-day monitoring system, green nutrition healthy diet, pollution-free and non-pollution of environmental protection furniture and teaching toys, training children's self-protection ability of safety courses, to create a healthy and safe environment for young children to grow up.

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