School profile

Hefei World Foreign Language School

Hefei World Foreign Language School (originally Chiway International School) was founded by the Shanghai Chiway Group in 2000. The school covers 153.6 acres of land, and is a K-12 boarding school with over 2800 students that do not come just from China, but also from South Korea, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Australia, the United States, as well as other countries.
The school adheres to the school motto of “setting high, achieving excellence’’, and focuses on providing excellent education in all subjects achieving international mindedness for our students. The school adheres to small class personalized teaching to achieve fully comprehensive development. The school also focuses on developing positive morals, attitudes and skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity, and community awareness.
Since its establishment, the school has been awarded various awards such as “Civil Working Unit’’, “Green School”, “Safe Campus’’, “Excellent Compulsory Education Reform Unit’’, and is currently an AAA- ranking school unit and demonstrative school in Anhui Province. The school has also become an international A-Level Examination Center since April 2016.




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