Chairman's Message



Education is the foundation of a prosperous nation and the cornerstone of social progress. The 21st century has seen tremendous strides made by private and international education. At the same time, earthshaking changes have taken place in the education industry with new ideas,new methods, new techniques and new investment and management modes blossoming into usage. Such changes reflect the demands of students and parents for a multi-level and diversified education system. They are also the natural result of education institutions proactively following the development trends of the education industry and adjusting to changing market demands.

As practitioners in today’s changing education industry, we always adhere to the principle that education should keep pace with the times. We encourage every member staff within Chiway to adopt a broad view and to practice foresight towards the development of education, and even to spearhead efforts in transforming the field of education itself.
Having been devoted to education for over 20 years, Chiway upholds its guiding principle of “respecting the laws of education development, establishing correct practices for nurturing talent, and promoting the life-long development of students” . With the idea of “Education Creates the Future” as its guiding vision, Chiway strives to cultivate talented individuals who are virtuous and patriotic, as well as professionals with “Chinese roots and global innovation” to meet the needs of the new era. This forward-looking educational dream attaches brand new meaning to the future of education.
Chiway’s aim in choosing education as its cause was to shoulder the responsibility of simultaneously benefiting the public, behaving in a socially responsible way and promoting social development. In the future, Chiway will continue to forge ahead in the pursuit of excellence through greater devotion to the R&D of education programs and services and to expanding market presence in urban schools and education institutions both in China and overseas. By offering high-quality education services and projects, Chiway is dedicated to becoming an international education group with a strong reputation that is respected among students, parents, enterprises and the public alike.
Kevin Qian

Chiway Education