Our Philosophy

Changzhou Wharton Bilingual Kindergarten belongs to the Chiway Education Group. Covering 8,000 square meters, the kindergarten blends the advanced concept of East-West preschool education, constructs the International Kindergarten Curriculum system with initiative inquiry learning as the core, and creates a rich, multicultural and bilingual environment for young children's physical and mental health, lifelong learning and lays a good foundation for sustainable development.


The creation of high-quality, international early childhood institutions has become the preferred choice for preschool education for modern families.


Develop your potential and inspire your mind.

Educational goals

Provide high quality and professional education services to create exploration, innovation, motivation and fun learning environment for young children.
Training goal
To guide schoolchildren to explore, be willing to think, good at communication, and promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of children.

Teaching concept

Guided by the guidelines for the study and development of children aged 3-6, the teaching environment is set up in accordance with the IB PYP curriculum standards. Based on IB PYP Interdisciplinary theme Inquiry activities, STREAM (Science, the Reading, the Engineer, Art, Math) as a feature course, through the return to the natural, rich and diverse bilingual environment, for young children to create a game, the three-dimensional growth space of inquiry and super-subject learning.

Six interdisciplinary themes

Who are we?
What time and space are we in?
How we express ourselves?
How the world works?
How we organize ourselves?
Sharing the planet

Chiway Education