Our Curriculum

  • (一)Bilingual Kindergarten

IB regards the Project Approach, which comes from the UK, as a framework and employs it in the PYP's interdisciplinary programs. It takes kindergarten's creative curriculum as reference materials. And it has targeted, inquiring, comprehensive and well-directed principles to implement the curriculum. The IB develops children's minds through the Project Approach. It not only includes knowledge and skills , but also contains sense perception in social, emotional, moral, aesthetic and mental aspects. It aims to achieve two aims: one is to cultivate children's team spirit and the other is to help children acquire two kinds of abilities, including collaboration and democratic decision-making.Its final goal is to achieve mutual complementarity of the Project Approach, free games and structured teaching. Furthermore, it implements the education with the characteristics of our kindergarten.
  • (二)Primary & Middle School

(1)The models of a bilingual Immersion program, dual tutor system and small-sized classes are adopted in our school. Our school pays close attention to the students' personality growth and learning ability. At the same time, Chinese and foreign tutors create a bilingual environment, which helps children to enjoy the English language and cultural environment from an early age and lays a solid foundation for the children to achieve bilingual fluency.
(2)The curriculum design of Walton's bilingual class is based on the idea of integrating Chinese and Western culture, cultivating interdisciplinary inquiry combined with the principles of bilingualism. It not only provides a good basic knowledge for junior school students to adapt to the domestic testing system, but also lays a solid foundation for them to be directly admitted by our international department in terms of language and culture.
  • (三)国际部High School

Course Description of Walton International Department North American Class
As special programs of Walton International Department, the North American class and IBDP class provide reliable guarantees for Chinese high school students to gain access to the world’s top universities.

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