Our Philosophy

Special Features

Small classes setting, tutorial system, bilingual teaching, subject exploring are the characteristics of our school. We are devoted to develop students to have correct worldviews, pay equal attention to Chinese and western culture, be good at art and science, have happy growth and adapt to the times development.


School-running Guidelines

Both Chinese and Western, both liberal arts and sciences, global vision, and happy growth
The Walton Foreign Language School believes that modern education must nurture the world's citizens, not only to give students a rich national cultural heritage, but also to give students a global perspective, a broader vision and a higher realm of life, inclusive and understanding of multiculturalism. In the construction, we will grow into an international talent.

Cultivation Objectives

The Walton Foreign Languages ​​School implements “perfection education” with specific cultivation objectives:
Genuine person: truth-seeking, honest, persevering, optimistic, noble, ideal, and sound
Balanced person: elegant temperament, strong body, broad learning, and unique interest
New person: innovative consciousness, global vision, efficient thinking, and pioneering spirit。
The Walton Foreign Languages ​​School ​​believes that the future society requires basic education to lay the foundation for the lifelong development of students. Therefore, Walton is to cultivate diligent, curious, knowledgeable, emotionally rich, broad-minded, and caring gentlemen, learned scholars, and fighters, so that they can become a person who can take responsibility for life and always walk in the forefront of the times.

Educational pursuit

Give each student an unforgettable experience beneficial for life;
Give each student a group of mentors and friends in his/her life;
Give each student an active and healthy lifestyle;
Give each student a growth path that suits him/her.
The Walton Foreign Languages ​​School ​​believes that today's education is people-centered education. Today's schools should be multicultural. The campus should be full of passion,and students' learning life should be happy and full of fun .

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