Wayman Aviation Academy of Chiway Education Group is now a CCAR-141 Civil Aircraft Pilot School

【Abstract】:A few days ago,Wayman Aviation Academy of Chiway Education Group passed CCAC's operation qualification certification and was officially approved as a CCAR-141 Civil Aircraft Pilot School (141 aviation
A few days ago,Wayman Aviation Academy of Chiway Education Group passed CCAC's operation qualification certification and was officially approved as a CCAR-141 Civil Aircraft Pilot School (141 aviation school).
141 aviation schools refer to flight schools with CCAR141 certificates (including temporary certificates) issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China. These flight schools provide flight training in accordance with the Civil Aircraft Pilot School Qualification Authorization Rules (CCAR141), including private license, business license, instrumentation level courses and overall training courses for 121 large transport airline co-pilots. Since 2014, no American aviation school has been certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China's CCAR141 for many years. Until 2018, only two American aviation schools with excellent training quality and excellent management level were approved, one of which is our esteemed Aviation Academy.
With the rapid development of civil aviation in China, the demand for civil aviation talents is growing year by year. To this end, on February 28, 2017,  Chiway Educational Group completed the acquisition of Wayman Aviation Academy, incorporating aviation career training as an important business into the group conglomerate.
Founded in 1986, this Aviation Academy has a FAR 141 license, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. It focuses on the training of fixed-wing airline pilots, general aviation pilots, and private pilots, as well as aircraft repair.
Over the past thirty years, this Academy has trained more than 1000 pilots that currently service commercial routes and general aviation businesses in more than 75 countries. It is a truly international aviation training institute. However, as it has not yet become a 141 aviation schools licensed by the CAAC, the number of Chinese trainees have never been large.
After the completion of the acquisition, Chiway Education has made a detailed long-term plan for the future development of the aviation school that includes: increased investment in hardware facilities, expanding the scale of training, and more services toward the training of civil aviation talents in China. With support from the group headquarters, the academy has started to upgrade the teaching and training facilities, expanded the teaching building and the tarmac, and these new facilities will be put into use starting from 2019. We also have plans to keep expanding the training scale especially to train pilots for China National Aviation Corporation. In the future, the number of trainees will increase from 150, the number of students enrolled at the beginning of the acquisition, to 450-500, 200 of which will be for China National Aviation Corporation.      
To this end,Wayman Aviation Academy began to actively cooperate with domestic airlines, offering rich training programs for Chinese students. For example, we have reached an agreement with Juneyao Airlines, regularly training pilots every year starting from 2018. The first group of pilots arrived at the academy on December 3, and began to undergo a training period of 12-14 months.      
In order to further improve the quality of education and training, the academy is also actively applying for American college qualification to become recognized as a higher vocational college engaged in academic education, and plans to formally acquire this qualification within one to two years. In the future, this academy will be more comprehensive and in-depth involved in the training of Chinese aviation talents. While serving the national strategy and boosting regional economic development, it will also make aviation career education into a new flagship of our educational conglomerate.

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