OCAC Suzhou and Walton Foreign Language School Taicang Won Honors at the 2018 Tencent International School Grand Annual Ceremony

【Abstract】:With the development of China's international education, it has become a trend for Chinese native students to receive international education.
With the development of China's international education, it has become a trend for Chinese native students to receive international education. In view of dilemmas pertaining to the cultivation of young talent in the international school industry and the queries parents face when choosing which schools to send their children, Tencent, surveyed a huge amount of netizens, analyzed huge amounts of internet data, and collected information from the "directly speaking of schools selection" parents group, used targeted questionnaires on 37 topics and received 1760 valid survey results. Analyses of the data, presented in the form of graphs, formed the Top 100 List of Chinese International School Digital Brands, aimed at eliminating the concerns of experts and bringing intuitive reference opinions to parents.
The evolving parents' educational concepts and their desire for high-quality educational resources are important accelerators for the rapid development of international schools. Four forums were set up to share and interpret the dilemmas that parents face in choosing schools, the development trend of international schools into the future, and the management capabilities of international school principals.
OCAC Suzhou and Walton Foreign Language School Taicang have won many honors
In order to promote the development of international education, we believe in gathering comprehensive insight from all the angles to set up effective industry models. After fierce selection, Chiway Education Group's "Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Suzhou" won a spot on the Top 100 list. Ms. Zhang Baoyun, General Principal of the Walton School, won the "Sun Award for Educational Spirit of Famous Chinese Principals" and Walton Foreign Language School Taicang, won the "Award for the Educational Power Star among Chinese International Schools", of course also landing a spot on the top 100 list of the International Schools. 
Management Wisdom
To lay a strong foundation for International Education
In recent years, many parents have been paying more and more attention to their children's education. They hope that their children will enjoy advanced educational ideas and cultural edification from abroad and become a talented person with international vision and thinking.
To fulfill these expectations, the council for "Management Wisdom of the Famous Principals of Chinese International Schools" recorded interviews on school selection. As recommended by Principal Hua Xiaohang of OCA Suzhou, as well as the principals of many international schools, this became the first book to receive honorable mention during the Tencent International Schools Grand Annual Ceremony. This is of great significance, as it lays a strong foundation for the continued improvement of students' international education.
In an interview with Tencent at the Grand Ceremony, Hua Xiaohang said that 2018 was actually a turning point in the plan for the equal integration of international education and Chinese education, which could be said to be the convergence of the "Localization of International Education" and the "Internationalization of Chinese Education".
Chinese-style international education should be one that every local child and every foreign child living in China can enjoy together. It will enable the future generations to play an important role in leading China into the 21st century.
The future is an era of the rapid development of information technology, and we need to train more international talents to catch up with the changes of the world. This annual International School Grand Annual Ceremony allowed us to glimpse the future of international schools, and also to commend the strength of the principals that lead them.      

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