Walton International School Xuzhou has been recruiting students in the Primary, Secondary Schools and International Section every year. The number of students in our school has increased sharply every year. Our school has been expanding its faculty with strong new additions to the team in order to provide services for internationalized talents, who are confident in expression, civilized in behavior, collaborative in action, independent in thought, intellectual in spirit, honorable in deed, and rooted in traditional Chinese culture and equipped with cross-cultural communication mindsets and skills.


Student enrolment scheme
The admission plan
Grade 1: 2 regular classes, 2 Piano course classes, 2 International classes
Grade 7: 2 male classes, 2 female classes, 2 International classes
International Secondary school: 2 classes (Sino-US, Sino-Canada, Sino-Australia, Sino-Singapore)
International Pre-high School (Grade 9): 1 class/div>


Enrollment Procedure
Student comprehensive testing and parents survey
Face to face interview for both student and parents
Materials submission
Application materials
1.Copy of Student’ s family Hukou and student’s information page (Printed on the same side of A4 paper)
2.Copy of students’ guardians Identification Card (two-sided)




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