1.  Students
As the first K-12 school specifically designed for the children of overseas Chinese returnees and foreign citizens of Chinese origin, OCAC-Suzhou is for students who are:
the children of recognized “talented professionals” as certified by the SIP government;
all others who wish to engage in Chinese international education
2. Class Size
Small-class teaching:
  • K1: 24 students / class
  • K2: 24 students / class
  • K3: 24 students / class
  • G1 – G5: 24 students / class
  • G6 – G9: 24 students / class
  • G10 – G12: 20 students / class
Note: OCAC-Suzhou reserves the right to increase student numbers per class under special circumstances.
3. Admissions Criteria
OCAC-Suzhou aims to recruit students who will make full use of the opportunities provided by the school and who are in accord with the school’s mission and vision. The purpose of our admissions procedures is to ensure that the students will benefit from studying in OCAC-Suzhou.
● Our admissions criteria include but are not limited to the following:
Alignment with the school’s mission and values;
Learning attitude and academic background;
Chinese and English language levels;
Individual learning needs;
Siblings at the school;
Contribution to the diversity of the student body.
● Students with special-needs:
Parents need to meet with the Head of School before students with special needs are admitted into the school. The school is unable to offer a full continuum of Special Educational Needs (SEN) programmes, so individual circumstances need to be discussed.

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