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Marketing manager

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Working place:
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
3-5 years
Education background:
No limit

Release time:

Job Description:

job responsibilities:
1. Timely tracking and dealing with customer feedback to maintain customer relations;
2. Collect information and requirements of customers, and dig and collect relevant market information;
3. Responsible for contacting and communicating with customers, establishing customer data and files, and completing relevant sales reports;
4. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor.
5, to understand mechanical engineering, mechanical environmental protection
1, under 38 years old, college degree or above, marketing, management, business, secretarial and other related majors are preferred;
2. More than one year working experience;
3. Proactive, patient and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, comprehensive and systematic analysis and control ability, good at communication;
4. Strong organization and coordination ability, overall planning ability and execution ability;
5. Familiar with various office equipment and common office software.

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