Chiway Education Group Visits Xiamen Education Bureau Along with Representatives of Repton School

【Abstract】:On the afternoon of July 30, 2019, a group led by Mr. Scott Chew, CEO of Chiway Education Group, and Mr. Tony Puri, Chief Executive of Repton School International, visited Xiamen Education Bureau.
On the afternoon of July 30, 2019, a group led by Mr. Scott Chew, CEO of Chiway Education Group, and Mr. Tony Puri, Chief Executive of Repton School International, visited Xiamen Education Bureau and was warmly received by bureau officials including Mr. Guo Xianwen, Director of the Bureau, Ms. Chen Zhen, Deputy Director of the Bureau, and Mr. Hong Jun, Deputy Director of the Bureau. The three parties had an in-depth exchange over education issues of mutual concern.
During the meeting, Director Guo gave a detailed introduction of the current development of education in Xiamen as well as the planning and arrangements of the municipal CPC committee and the municipal government towards future development of compulsory education in the city. Director Guo strongly identified with Chiway Edu's education philosophy, model and management experience. He expressed his hope that investors of the school will lift the standards and quality of private schools in Xiamen, especially in the areas of international education.
Mr. Scott Chew, CEO of Chiway Education Group, expressed appreciation for the sincere and warm welcome given by the education bureau and his particular gratitude for the continuous care and support given to Chiway Bilingual School Xiamen. He also gave a detailed introduction of Chiway Education, reported on the construction progress of the Xiamen school,and announced the official cooperation with Repton School UK to set up a branch campus in Xiamen.
Mr. Chew said during the meeting, “We are pleased to announce that Chiway Education Group has signed an agreement with Repton School to establish the Chiway-Repton International Schools in Xiamen.”
Repton School
Repton School was founded in 1557 and has a history of nearly 500 years. Located in Derbyshire, 2.5 hours' drive from London, the school is one of the most prestigious private schools in the UK and has 1100 students studying in a beautiful environment. It is also among the first batch of UK schools expanding globally and hence has significant experience in setting up overseas schools.
Mr. Chew said that Repton School is a time-honored school with excellent teaching quality and strong social influence, and that cooperation with Repton is another pioneering work done by Chiway Education in the field of K12.
By drawing on Repton’s advanced educational concepts and teaching methods, extensive and in-depth curriculum design expertise,unique British boarding school system and a strict quality assurance system,the Chiway-Repton School Xiamen aims to be a world-class institution that offers the best of Western and Chinese education, using modern innovative methods and latest technologies.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tony Puri,Chief Executive of Repton School International addressed the audience with a detailed introduction of Repton School. Given Chiway Edu’s rich experience in operating high quality schools, he expressed his confidence that the cooperation with Chiway Edu in Xiamen will provide local students with a truly international education of the highest quality.
The group also visited the construction site of the school before the meeting.
The meeting was also attended by leaders from various offices of Xiamen Education Bureau, including the Development Planning Office, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and the Compulsory Education Office.
Finally, we sincerely hope to join hands with all partners to create excellence on the new journey of Chiway Education.

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