The newly upgraded Wayman Aviation Academy teaching building is now open

【Abstract】:Wayman Aviation Academy's new building was recently opened after one year of construction with the expansion of its airplane ramp.

Wayman Aviation Academy's new building was recently opened after one year of construction with the expansion of its airplane ramp. The teaching, and the training environment has been greatly improved by the new facilities. This important measure was taken by the Chiway Education Group to promote the long-term development of this academy, that was acquired in 2017.

China's civil aviation industry has been developing rapidly, and the demand for civil aviation talents has also been growing every year, so Chiway Education Group acquired Wayman Aviation Academy back in 2017 to incorporate aviation vocational training as an important business of the conglomerate.

Chiway Education has made a detailed long-term plan for the future development of the acquired aviation school. This plan includes the addition of more equipments and larger teaching space, with the focus on increasing the number of students..

The new teaching building has provided more than 1,000 square meters of practice space for the  student pilots. Besides the newly renovated outdoor area, four special classrooms have also been added, the ramp area has tripled, and the number of practical training aircraft will grow, allowing for greater training capacity. This comprehensive expansion of the  academy allows for the admission of more students that could study and train at Wayman.

The improvement and upgrading of the facilities and equipment was based on the achievements and influence of  Chiway Education Group in the fields of on-the-job education. Over the years, Wayman began to actively expand the domestic aviation vocational training market and provide more training for Chinese civil aviation talents. At the end of 2018, Wayman was approved by  CAAC to be a CCAR-141 flight school, which means that it will attract an even larger number of students from China. According to Tony, the general manager of the academy, the first group of students from China arrived in December, 2018, and is currently receiving systematic training in a professional manner. The second group of students from China will arrive in late May, and Wayman will provide them with a rich training program.

The comprehensive upgrading of infrastructure and the approval of the China Civil Aviation Administration allow Wayman to be more  involved in the training of Chinese national aviators. It is expected that during the next couple of years, the scale of training in Wayman will be doubled and that 450-500 quality pilots will graduate each year to start their new careers.

Founded in 1987, Wayman has FAR 141 and FAR 145 certificates issued by the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. It is mainly engaged in fixed-wing pilot training and the aircraft maintenance. Over the past three decades, the academy has trained thousands of pilots that now serve commercial airliners and general aviation in more than 75 countries. It is a truly international aviation training institute.

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