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Chiway Group was honored to join the list of "Shanghai top 100 private enterprises 2018"

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On the afternoon of August 24, at the "Shanghai top 100 enterprises press conference 2018", jointly organized by the Shanghai Enterprise Federation (SHEC), the Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association (SHLE
On the afternoon of August 24, at the "Shanghai top 100 enterprises press conference 2018", jointly organized by the Shanghai Enterprise Federation (SHEC), the Shanghai Entrepreneurs Association (SHLEA), and the Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO), over 300 leaders from various widely-influential businesses and organizations, including those mentioned above, gathered in the auditorium at Jinjiang to attend the meeting.   
After examining the financial data of the 2017 fiscal year, it was announced that the successful Chiway Group has been given a place of honor on the lists of "Shanghai top 100 private enterprises 2018", "Shanghai top 100 privately operated service-sector enterprises 2018", and "Shanghai top 100 service-sector enterprises 2018". 
During the current situation of economic instability and uncertainty, Chiway has successfully created its own market opportunities, driving on the wheels of "Education+Realty" to achieve considerable development within both business areas. This was achieved through the united efforts and enterprising spirit of the Chiway staff, but as the external environments and international influences have been challenging large Chinese co-operations, Chiway has found its success inside the city of Shanghai, which continues to be a good place to invest, with its strong financial foundations, open and inclusive culture, advantageous geographical location, as well as an immeasurable pool of human talent.      
This list of top businesses has been authoritative, impartial, and pragmatic, since its foundation in 2005, being of great enough influence to capture the attention of government officials and private entrepreneurs of all tiers and levels, and those that have graced the "top 100" list of 2017 have continued to show healthy operations on a gradually enlarging scale, remarkable financial growth, as well as continuous improvement of labor-asset efficiency, development quality, steady growth in the manufacture and service industries, and increases in R&D investments.  
Chiway will honor its title by continuing to operate under the spirit of the CPC Nineteenth National Congress, adhering to a "people-oriented" drive towards new innovations that will continue to improve governance, quality, effective and sustainable development, as well as contribute to the efforts that make Shanghai a stable environment for economic development.