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Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

Chiway Group has always focused on establishing a modern enterprise system. With a corporate culture of building elite management teams and competing fiercely for success in the education industry, Chiway is not afraid to reinvent itself. Following the corporate spirit of “Forging Ahead, In Pursuit of Excellence”, Chiway has received many awards in different areas.

With its business growing so quickly, Chiway repays the communities and supports it by participating in the Guangcai Program, Project Hope, and by offering disaster relief donations, as well as by supporting the improvement of education and culture. The Group has built several Hope Primary Schools and Guangcai Primary Schools over the years, and tens of millions have been invested in social benefits and charities.
Chiway believes that it is our responsibility towards our communities and our country to help build a better world, so the more we grow, the more we give back.
Chiway·Act of Lightness
This program is a joint venture by Chiway, Shanghai Changning Promotion Association of Guangcai Program, and Dang Dai Gongyi. Its purpose is to improve the scientific education in rural Chinese schools by mobilizing employees and customers to participate in this social charity. This program helps the students that attend schools in the poorer areas of China by recruiting volunteers in the city to bring rich and colorful science education courses to the rural schools. Teachers from the rural partner schools are invited to attend conferences and training seminars organized by the education experts in Chiway so as to enhance and develop the rural teachers’ teaching skills and education capacity.
Chiway·Warm Winter Clothing Donation Program
This program was founded by Chiway, Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program in Changning District, and Dang Dai Gongyi to develop a charity in which urban area volunteers help the mountain area folk. The program collects winter clothing from donors in the city for the children of the distant poverty-stricken areas, as well as builds stocks of clothing in mountain area schools, so that the children can choose the clothes they would most like to wear. As a bridge of love and care between the city and the country, those in need can receive more dignity and warmth during the winter months.