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Hefei World Foreign Language School


Hefei World Foreign Language School

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Hefei World Foreign Language School

Founded in 2000, Hefei World Foreign Language School is a K-12 modern boarding school with a floor space of 153.6 mu (102,400 square meters). Ever since its establishment, the school has developed using the latest educational research as a guideline. It has championed high-quality teachers and teaching methods, actively promoted the internationalization of education, and strived to cultivate interdisciplinary talent, a spirit of innovation, and practical ability amongst its students.
While adhering to the motto, "Advocating First-Rate Results and Striving for Excellence,” the school has also focused on the philosophy of highlighting international integration and foreign languages as well as laying equal stress on science and arts in its curriculum. Now, the school has come to be known as one of the highest quality educational resources in Hefei. It was the first school in the region to be qualified to recruit foreign students by the provincial education department in 2004. In March 2006, the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government appointed it as the designated school for children of foreigners. Today, it is a government-authorized private school with an array of awards, including a Model Ordinary Senior Middle School of Hefei City award, an AAA Organization award, and a Hefei city foreign-related place of visit award.