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Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Wuxi


Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Wuxi

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Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway Wuxi

Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway, Wuxi is located on the south of Taishan Road, on the west side of Xixing Road in Xinwu District Wuxi, and adjacent to Eaton House International School Wuxi. The School has a total area of about 25232 square meters. All School buildings are constructed of eco-friendly construction materials to create a healthy and comfortable learning environment.
Overseas Chinese Academy of Chiway, Wuxi provides nine years of education from primary school to junior high school. The school is designed for the children of overseas Chinese who return to China and those who aim to study overseas in the future. We provide a dual language, multi-cultural learning environment with first-class teaching facilities for students, We educate students to be life-long inquirers and learners who have artistic and creative potential. We encourage students to become future leaders, who will strive to resolve 21st century global issues cooperatively with young people from other countries.
The campus provides excellent facilities such as library, multi-media lab, Design technology (DT) classroom, music classroom, art classroom, science laboratory, dance studio, theater, cafeteria, indoor stadium, outdoor stadium and other purpose-built facilities to create an environment where students want to learn.